el poquito

a gestational adventure

Poopie Bandit November 14, 2009



Mr. Burns loves to leave presents in the bathtub for Baby Daddy. He also leaves them in front of his litter box for Jack the Beagle.


This present awoke me from a deep, restful sleep somewhere around 4am while Baby Daddy is out of town. I can’t touch it for fear of toxoplasmiosis, so it has to stay in the tub and stink until Baby Daddy returns tomorrow. I’ve officially moved out of that bathroom and I’m considering moving out of that bedroom because the waft is triggering my gag reflex.


Later this afternoon, Mr. Burns decided to let himself into the hamper and I have accused him of plotting to leave presents in our dirty clothes. Luckily I thwarted his plans, but not before Mr. Burns got in a nice long swipe that left me with several inches of bloody scratches on my arm.


Normally, he is an adorable, loving kitty who is the best snuggler in the house.




I Hate Pants November 5, 2009



Today was my first official pregnancy visit. They stole at least a pint of blood from my poor arm and brainwashed me into getting a flu shot. Baby Daddy got a flu shot in solidarity with me. He’s the best.


Going into this appointment, I was convinced that there had to be twins. That’s the only way I could explain how quickly I’m gaining weight.


It turns out, there is only one baby and this one is apparently a carnivore. Apparently, cheeseburgers and milkshakes are the cause for the extra weight gain.



Mad Scientist October 31, 2009

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That’s Baby Daddy on Halloween; the hair is real.


Somewhere, there is a picture of the two of us and one day I will find it. But for now, you just have to imagine The Pink Slip at his side.


Palpitations Are Normal October 27, 2009

I finally heard back from the doctor on the holter monitor results. Looks like my heart palpitations are considered normal and nothing to worry about, so yippee!


Smug October 26, 2009

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Last week, I congratulated myself on how remarkably great I felt…very little nausea, high energy, and the remarkable ability to pop out of bed at 7am every morning. For a brief moment, I thought I was going to be one of those women.


No such luck.


Baby Daddy went on his first El Poquito run to procure some keep-nausea-at-bay lollies during work one afternoon. I love him.


A Heart All A Flutter October 22, 2009



Today Dr. Weihs confirmed that we’re pregnant!


It’s hard to tell what you’re looking at on the screen–a dark blob with some light blobs inside. Baby Daddy held my hand while we figured out what we were looking at and I cried when I saw the fluttering on the screen.


I have to be honest. It looked like an animated black-and-white hamburger fluttering around. Now, it’s possible that my brain is hallucinating about hamburgers because I’m a vegetarian who really misses cheeseburgers. But that’s what I saw.


And to add to all of the excitement, when I returned to work this afternoon I had an email from our company H1N1 program manager telling me I had been exposed to swine flu at work the day before!


Here’s what I learned today: eat cheeseburgers and work from home.


Rockin’ with the In-Laws October 18, 2009

El Poquito rocked out on stage with me this weekend at Jovita’s, along with the fabulous Andrea Knaack and a quick guest appearance from Juliana Murphy.


Back when Baby Daddy and I started trying to get pregnant, I planned ahead for a time when I would be too full in the belly to sport a full size guitar and began to learn the dainty mandolin.


What I did not count on was how tired I would be before my belly ever sprouted…it was so hard to keep energy going for the show with all that extra blood and hormones pumping through my body. By the time we wrapped the show with ‘Truth No. 2’ I thought I might faint and fall off the stage!


I was thrilled to have two very special guests in the audience this weekend: El Poquito’s Granny and Pop. Thanks to Pop for the photo (which I will upload later when Baby Daddy sends it to me).


While I may take a month or nine off from stage appearances, there’s certainly enough energy left in me to sit on my booty and listen to the awesome variety of singer/songwriter’s our town has to offer. And Sunday night’s intimate concert with Charlie Robison at the home of our friends, the Wevodau-Amicons, was an excellent finish to the weekend.


Ah, Austin. You fill my soul with music and I can’t wait to find out what moves El Poquito to dance!